Home Automation

Services - Home Automation

Through our Home Automation technology, Select Living Systems will help you take command of your home. You’ll be able to control multiple home entertainment and technology systems with a single user-friendly interface. 

  • security
  • locks
  • doorbell
  • overhead doors
  • thermostat
  • irrigation
  • lighting, Christmas lights
  • audio

With your device, you can program a variety of lifestyle scenarios to fit the flow of your day. Create a Sleep scene that -

  1. arms security
  2. locks doors
  3. closes over head doors
  4. turns off lights
  5. sets thermostat
  6. turns off all rooms of audio
  7. turns on a sleep fan

Create a Dinner party scene with lighting and audio throughout multiple rooms.  One touch and the lighting levels, music levels, music selection are preset to your liking.   The best part about our systems is you can easily adjust the presets to your liking.  No need to have a programmer show up to adjust it for you.